Our Flag Means Death Season 1-2: Melting Queer Romance

Our Flag Means Death Season 2: Melting Queer Romance

Our Flag Means Death on HBO Max isn’t just a great example of queer representation, but a great example of full queer romance. The idea that it’s possible to be queer and happy seems like a pretty basic point to accept, but the show is still revolutionary in its representation. 

Let’s take a close look at some of the main queer couples and top melting moments from the show, as well as our best suggestions for gifts for queer fans of this funny series

3 Main Queer Couples in Our Flag Means Death

Lucius & Black Pete

Lovers Lucius and Black Pete are no strangers to death, but one can’t help but feel their relationship remains all the more precious in this context. 

The relationship between Lucius, the ship’s navigator, and Black Pete, the ship’s cook, is a slow burn that turns into a steady flame. They don’t get together immediately—though they are clearly flirtatious from the start—but their relationship builds over time.

When Black Pete whittles a wooden finger for his partner to replace an actual finger lost to an infected bite, Lucius shows his affection by kissing him, which is simple and tender, and serves as one of many moments throughout the show that symbolize their ease and comfort with each other.

lucius x black pete – Our Flag Means Death

Unlike the other two other queer couples in Our Flag Means Death, this couple have a sweet, unaffected relationship that is comfortable in its lack of jealousy, insecurity or drama. We can see it when Izzy tries to start some drama onboard by telling Black Pete about Lucius’ sketching of a naked Fang, but it doesn’t work. “We don’t own each other,” says Lucius, and the audience is grateful for this refreshing and healthy comment in a genre that so often plays into jealousy and ownership.

Despite the fact that their duties on the Revenge crew kept them separated at times, there was no great drama in their separation. When they came together again, it was with casual affectionate touch, pet names and easy conversation.

Jim & Oluwande

The second queer couple of Our Flag Means Death is Jim & Oluwande.

Jim, a AFAB character with significantly more turmoil and emotional depth than the rest of Stede’s crew, is also one of the more capable pirates. With a bounty on their head for killing one of Spanish Jackie’s husbands, Jim (who dresses as a man, with a fake nose and beards and pretending to be mute) is treated far better by Stede and the crew than most trans characters are in similar stories. 

Jim & Oluwande – Our Flag Means Death

The story of Jim and their treatment by the rest of the crew is a refreshing approach to trans and genderfluid narratives. It shows how far we’ve come as a society when it comes to respecting people for who they are over who they appear to be on the outside.

As we all know, it’s seemingly harder than ever to learn people’s names or pronouns in today’s world. Even though it isn’t hard at all, people seem to be more and more unwilling to make the effort to call people what they ask to be called. It really is incredible to see the people in Jim’s life hear him and respect him, and we hope that everyone will follow their example!

Throughout the episode 7, Oluwande expresses frustration at knowing so little about Jim after having been their friend for over a year. They spend all day long to share about their tragic upbringing as a stealthy killer, meant to take revenge for the slaughter of their family.

“Well, look, if you wanted, I could be family.”

That’s what Oluwande says to Jim in Episode 7 of Our Flag Means Death and then there’s an interrupted kiss. This moment is as sweet as it is surprising.

Jim & Oluwande – Our Flag Means Death

Although they were forced to part ways at the end of the episode, a glorious reunion will be coming. But overall, their relationship is clearly a bit more challenging than Black Pete and Lucius’s couple, but that comes entirely from trust and childhood trauma and never from issues of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Stede Bonnet & Ed Teach

Stede Bonnet & Ed Teach is the last queer romance couple and also the two main characters of this series. At first glance, there was obvious a magical attraction between Stede and Ed. Ed finds each of Stede’s eccentricities attractive and Stede’s affections for this new friend unaffected by Blackbeard’s villainy.

Stede Bonnet & Ed Teach – Our Flag Means Death

Most of the scenes of the two are tinged with romance, from the sword fights, the cup-taking, the sweet gaze in the moonlight, or even the tension emanating from the ex-lovers – the eternal problem of every couple. 

While there are plenty of challenges ahead for our Edward Bonnet couple, it’s not all about a man falling in love with a man. This love does not make them confused, self-deprecating or sad, on the contrary, it also makes them both happy.

Stede Bonnet & Ed Teach – Our Flag Means Death

It can be said that, until now, no movie has been able to do except Our Flag Means Death is that the queer love on the screen takes place very sincerely and naturally. Obviously, Our Flag Means Death is a semi-historic comedy series with funny characters but they’re not funny just because they’re queer. Being queer is not a joke, this is one of the excellent and humanistic points of the series that audiences, especially queer audiences, appreciate very much.

Top Melting Queer Romance Moments in Our Flag Means Death

Blackbeard Cares When “The Gentleman Pirate” Was Injured

From the moment he appeared, Blackbeard made it clear that he cared deeply for his other captain, Stede Bonnet or “The Gentleman Pirate“. Ed accepts and loves all of Stede’s, from his jokes to fancy clothes and lavish lifestyle even though they are so different from his own.

Blackbeard Cares When “The Gentleman Pirate” Was Injured

Especially the anxiety he expressed when Stede was injured. Ever since Stede was injured, Blackbeard has been at his bedside, in stark contrast to his usual fearsome ferocious pirate image. Blackbeard wanted to be as helpful a source of comfort to him as a boyfriend could be.That’s a hell of a romantic move!

The Foot Touch

Making millions of fans of the film melt and explode on Twitter with its wonderful sweetness, The Feet Touch can be considered the best queer romance moment of Our Flag Means Death Season 2.

This entire episode revolves around the conflict between Stede and Blackbeard when the appearance of Calico Jack, a noisy old friend of Blackbeard. As a result, Blackbeard left the ship after having a fight with Stede. 

When the Navy showed up, Stede was captured, tied up, and thrown to the ground. Soon after, Ed was also thrown down to Stede’s surprise. Stede says to Ed, “You came back,” and Blackbeard, without missing a beat, says “I never left.”

With just a foot touch, a brief reply, a wink before they really open up to each other and be together, this scene perfectly portrays romance and how it can be emphasized and resonate at the same time.

It’s great when Stede shows Ed new things or Ed teaches Stede how to be a better pirate, and they end up falling in love..

“What Makes Ed Happy Is … You”

What’s hotter than someone you have a crush on telling you that you’re what makes them happy? Absolutely nothing!

Before Ed Teach and Stede Bonnet became lovers, they were pirates. And one of the sweetest moments in the history of pirates happened before their first kiss when Stede asked Ed a simple, open-ended question: “What makes you happy?”

The moment Blackbeard says “What makes Ed happy is … you”, we get the most tender and honest moment in the show. It’s not just about understanding love for the first time, it’s about coming home after a long time, drinking a hot cup of happiness all rolled into one.

“What Makes Ed Happy Is … You” – Our Flag Means Death

He purses his lips and looks at Blackbeard with unyielding love, like he has finally found what he was looking for his entire life.

Their kiss isn’t one of those passionate grabs we know from other shows or the “FINALLY!” moments we wait for every episode. It’s two men who have been told their whole lives to hide their emotions expressing their feelings and their love. It’s a sweet kiss of discovery that tells the other exactly what they’re thinking and experiencing. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen Our Flag Means Death before; you can still feel the tenderness with which these two men treat each other here, and it makes for one of the most beautiful moments on TV.

Best Gift for Queer Fans of Our Flag Means Death

Gift-giving season is upon us!

We’ve been fans of Our Flag Means Death for a while now, and we’re so excited that this year, one of the biggest trends in queer history is also one of the best shows on TV—and Payayatee has all the best gifts for your friends and family who love Our Flag Means Death as much as you do.

So whether you’re looking to shop for the perfect gift, or just want to add some festive flair to your home, let’s check out our recommendations.

Final Thoughts

Our Flag Means Death is an incredible series with a great queer romance. The show is set in the 18th century, and it’s based on the true story of Stede Bonnet and Blackbeard. These products are perfect for fans who miss the days when they could leave their houses and enjoy an awesome show, or who just want to remind themselves that there’s still plenty of awesomeness out there to enjoy.

We’re big fans of Our Flag Means Death here at Payayatee, and we know there are plenty of others out there who share our love for the series. Let us help you celebrate your fandom with these great Gifts for Queer Fans of Our Flag Means Death!

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